We are committed to using authentic and safe ingredients to prepare dishes that we have inherited from our culinary predecessors while making changes that cater to the needs of the evolving times. We hope to bring the joy of working amid so many natural ingredients to our guests through our dishes.

Commitment to excellence

Just 2.5 hours by train from Sanriku Miyako, Morioka has access to some of the freshest fish and seafood. From oysters in the spring, to sea urchins in the summer, salmon in the autumn or cod in the winter, every month we choose the best the sea has to offer and include it in our monthly menus so you can enjoy each season’s taste.

Riches of the Michinoku soil

Aralia sprouts and bamboo shoots in the spring, matsutake, maitake and naratake mushrooms in the autumn. Our area is blessed with some of Japan’s finest products.

Hitomebore" rice

"Hitomebore" rice is cultivated in Iwate prefecture. We use "Iwate Junjomai" which has sweet, glossy grains as well as a delicious taste that we are proud of. The Hitomebore rice cultivated in southern Iwate prefecture in 2014 was ranked "Special A" (highest rank) for the 20th time in the "rice taste rankings" published by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.

A special dashi stock

The dashi stock used in Shikitei’s dishes is made of the best quality Makurazaki bonito and Soda bonito shavings, Yamada flying fish, and Sanriku’s konbu kelp.

Seasonal kaiseki cuisine

Extra dishes (additional charges apply)

Maezawa Beef steak(200g) ¥8,000

Maezawa Beef sukiyaki (160g)¥6,000

Maezawa Beef shabu-shabu(160g) ¥6,000

※ tax not included.

※Depending on the time of your visit, prices are subject to change. Wine, sake, beers, whisky, shochu, ciders, cocktails, soft drinks: whatever your drink preference, you will find it in our extensive collection. Consult with our staff for more details on your particular choice.